Weather & Snow Report

The period of settled bright weather will soon end. A low-pressure area over North Europe will bring a cold front, spreading over West Europe southward, which will signal a small-scale low-pressure activity over North Italy. On Tuesday, our regions are still located in front of a cold front in a föhny south-westerly air stream. Weak southerly accumulations are forecast along the main Alpine ridge, whereby mostly dry conditions are expected towards to northern edge of the Alps. The föhn wind will abate on Wednesday morning. The cold front will settle over our regions. Due to the low-pressure activity, the front will only slowly move eastward respectively it will gain strength from the south. A higher risk for showers is expected until into Friday. As colder air masses will begin to infiltrate from north-west, the snow line will sink below 1000 m. A late onset of winter is probably expected once more, however, the details are still uncertain.

Weather & Snow Report (PDF- Download)

0 °C





cloudy, few drops of rain mostly cloudy, isolated sleet showers mostly cloudy, heavy snowfall very cloudy with isolated snow showers
2 / 12 3 / 8 0 / 3 -1 / 3
36 / 54 37 / 46 32 / 37 30 / 37
0% / 50% 80% / 80% 100% / 100% 80% / 60%
3 0 0 0
2800 m 2000 m 1300 m 1100 m

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