Old Nessler Thaja in Pettneu am Arlberg

Old Nessler Thaja

Alpine dairy hut in Pettneu am Arlberg

Lovingly renovated, the Old Nessler Thaja – alpine dairyman's hut – nestles in the alpine landscape. This historical building offers an insight into the life of alpine dairymen and herdsmen more than 40 years ago.
Multimedia station - Old Nessler Thaja

Multimedia Station

There’s a multimedia station for visitors to experience in the cheese and butter cellar.

Food processing - Old Nessler Thaja


During the guided tour through the alpine dairyman's hut, the processing of the food is explained in former times.

Historical sleeping room - Old Nessler Thaja


The dining and sleeping rooms are furnished as they were at that time.

Historical tools and equipment - Old Nessler Thaja


The alpine dairy room is furnished with original tools and equipment.

Cheese making in former times

Alpine cheese

The Old Nessler Thaja shows the historical production of cheese.

Old Nessler Thaja - Exterior view

Exterior view

The Old Nessler Thaja is only a few meters away from the famous Nessler Alm.

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