Walking Suggestions

St. Anton am Arlberg is a real paradise for walkers. There is a network of paths through picturesque landscape making up a total distance of 300 kilometres, which was awarded the Tyrolean Wandergütesiegel - walkers’ quality seal.

clearly-marked signposting system gives holidaymakers detailed information about their destination and route, distance, time and difficulty level. As there are so many different hiking routes throughout this extensive network of footpaths, walkers can enjoy the alpine solitude to the full.

We now even have scientific evidence that exercise in the fresh air at moderate altitudes boosts health and physical well-being: The AMAS study (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) shows that there are beneficial effects on the cardio-vascular system, metabolism, body weight, blood count and subjective well-being – particularly for tourists suffering from typical social diseases such as high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and obesity.

Interactive Maps

The "Adlerweg" in St. Anton am Arlberg: a route which is leading through Tyrol on existing walking paths.

Walking suggestions

Two to three-hour hikes

1. From the Information Office to the Skiing Museum - Mooserweg - on to Dengert, from there along Sonnenweg to the resting place on Rodelalm - descent to Nasserein and back to St. Anton along the field path.

2. From the Information Office to the Oberdorf till to Hotel Mooserkreuz - hiking path to Ferwall Lake - walk around Ferwall Lake - rest at Ferwall inn - back to St. Anton along the hiking path or return trip by hiking bus.

3. Beginning of the route as in hike 2, at the turning at the fodder barn towards Stiegeneck - path to Waldhäusl - across the road and back on Maienweg - alpine dairy farm (rest) - descent along Mooserweg - Skiing Museum - centre.

4. Tourist Association - hotel Schwarzer Adler - Sonnenwiese to Nasserein - Jakobusweg - back via St. Jakob.

5. WunderWanderWeg - (Wonder Hiking Route) is located on easy terrain around the chalet Sennhütte in St. Anton am Arlberg. Rejoice in “pure, unadulterated nature”!

All of these routes can be walked in the opposite direction.

Flower hikes

1. Field path to Nasserein - on the forest path to Putzenalpe - descent to St. Jakob - Jakobusweg - St. Anton (walking time appr. 5 hours)

2. High-alpine flower hike, especially beautiful in August - to the Kapall high-altitude path - Leutkircher Hut (2,261 m) - from there on to Kaiserjochhaus - descent to Pettneu via Nessleralm (walking time appr. 10 hours). Alpine experience required!

Types of flowers to be found in our area: different kinds of gentian, appr. 25 kinds of orchids (traunsteinera globosa, nigritelle nigra, lady`s slipper), arnica, daffodils, different types of anemones, rampion, hieracium pilosella (on the Arlberg: most wide-spread occurrence in Europe), orange lilies, Turk’s-cap lilies, campanula thyroidea, alpine roses. New flowers come up every week. The Arlberg is famous for its varied flora. Participants in a high-alpiine flower hike will discover many new kinds of flowers which do not grow in the valley, but only above an altitude of 2,000 metres.

Five to six-hour hikes

1. Ulmer Hut: From the Galzig to Ulmer Hut at an altitude of 2,279 metres: easy hike - descent via Arlenmähder to St. Christoph - short descent via Maienweg - alpine dairy farm - valley.

2. Kaltenberg Hut: By bus to St. Christoph - from there via the Albona Lakes to Kaltenberg Hut.
Return routes: Berggeistweg to St. Christoph or Descent to Langen and return trip by train. 

3. Konstanz Hut: Trip to Salzhüttl by the Ferwall bus - from there on to Konstanz Hut.
Return route: Ferwall Lake, Rosanna Gorge, St. Anton.

Hikes from hut to hut - two to three days

Option I: 

1st day - From St. Anton to Pettneu by bus - from there through the Malfon Valley to Edmund-Graf Hut (appr. 4 hours).

Overnight accomodation in the hut.
2nd day - Edmund-Graf Hut - ascent to Niederelbe Hut (appr. 6 hours).
Overnight accomodation in the hut.
3rd day - Niederelbe Hut - Sessladjoch - St. Anton (7 hours).

Option II

1st day - St. Anton - Leutkircher Hut - Kaiserjochhaus (apprs. 6 hours).
Overnight accomodation in the hut.
2nd day - Descent from Kaiserjochhaus - Nessleralm - Putzenalpe - St. Anton.

There are many other hiking routes. The one described above are merely suggestions. There are also many other tours from hut to hut. Hikers will be accompanied by hiking or mountain guides.

Mutspuren - the circular hiking trail

Mutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der RundwanderwegMutspuren - der Rundwanderweg

Hike along on the trail of the pioneers:

the hiking path for the whole family on the Galzig!

Learning, playing, interacting, hiking, small & big lakes and breathtaking views are waiting to get explored!

circular hiking trail on the Galzig
Start / Finish: Galzigbahn mountain station
Lenght: about 5 km
Duration: from about 2,5 hours - take your time to explore!

Galzigbahn -> direction "Ulmerhütte" via hiking trail nr. 23 to the lake

Lake-> direction "Galzigbahn" top station via "Tanzbödenbahn"

We suggest: take the Galzigbahn for the ascent and descent! The gondola ride is the first experience - and then you have more time to play, hike and explore the hiking trail "Mutspuren".

The Arlberg was and is the home of the pioneers and the place of choice of the experts and the lovers of nature and technique.

Let`s make a journey together: back to first steps...

LEARNING from the great pioneers
PLAYING next to the lake on the Arlensattel
EXPLORING the nature and the achievements of the pioneers

On the way from the Galzigbahn top station to the lake on the Arlensattel are lots of things to explore:

small and big lakes, interactive stops where you can learn a lot, wonderful places to rest, amazing views and much more!

Thematic path Schnann „FAITH AND HISTORY“

Thematic path Schnann- - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and historyThematic path Schnann - faith and history

Thematic path "Firsch on old views"

Recommended: The "Emergency App Bergrettung Tirol" is an App operated by Leitstelle Tirol GmbH and has been especially developed for emergencies in alpine regions in Tyrol and it's a usefull App in Winter and Summer. The app enables – in case of acute emergency - the transmission of the own location (GPS coordinates) to Leitstelle Tirol GmbH at the push of a button. Download free for: Android  |  Apple (iOS)