Arlberg-Pass Krampalar

Arlberg-Pass Krampalar-Run

5 December 2021

Those staying the night after the grand season opening will be able to witness one of the many quaint traditions in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Young lads in terrifying costumes accompany St. Nicholas through the streets of St. Anton: The Krampalar, as they are known as in Arlberg, wear fearsome carved masks and a so-called Devil’s skin. No need to worry, though, because underneath their evil disguise they’re really quite harmless and friendly. The Krampus Devil’s Run in St. Anton am Arlberg is a Tyrolean custom that really has to be seen to be believed and shouldn’t be missed.

When: 5th of December 2021, starting 7.00 pm
Where: Pedestrian zone St. Anton am Arlberg

Traditional snacks and drinks will be offered at the Griesplatz as of 4.00 pm.

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