Horse Sleigh Riding

How about a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in the snowy Verwall Valley?

Enjoy the winter magic, find peace of mind and simply feel good. Pure unadulterated nature! Then a short stop at the cosy Verwall Inn for coffee and cake.

Sleigh rides must be booked in advance and take place in the peaceful Verwall Valley. The route runs from the horse shelter opposite the Hotel Mooserkreuz to the Verwall Inn.

Stroll to the department point and look around the western part of our community, the “Oberdorf” (upper village), or catch the free ski bus that will conveniently drop you off just before the meeting point.

A sleigh tour lasts an hour (return). There is also the option of stopping off for half an hour at the Verwall Inn (must be agreed beforehand – duration ca. 1.5 hours)

Do you fancy dinner at the cosy Verwall Inn?

Please reserve your table in advance, call the following telephone number: 05446 3249.

One-way tickets only!

Maximum acceptable weight carried: 10 people. 

For reservation please call Mr Thomas Bals: +43 (0) 664 5308441