Malfon Alm   

The hike or e-bike tour to the Malfon Alm starts at the Tourism Association in Pettneu. At first, the path descends along the Zeinisbach stream before leading up along the Malfon stream. After passing through the shady forest it then goes steeply uphill, and only after crossing the rushing brook does the surrounding mountain world become more and more visible. The view back to the Lechtal Alps is especially worth the walk up.

Hikers can take shortcuts across the lush green meadows, while bikers stay on the wider forest road. You’ll pass grazing cows, and always have the gentle murmuring of the stream in your ears as you wend your way up to the idyllically situated Malfon Alm. And while there, don’t miss the short walk up to the Malfon pond.

After enjoying the hospitality of the Malfon Alm, you can either return via the same route or, if you’re feeling ambitious, continue on to the Edmund-Graf-Hütte or the Hoher Riffler. 

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Malfon Alm

6574 Pettneu am Arlberg




03.06. - 24./25.09.2022

1.687 m
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Gabriel Neururer
T:+43 660 343 5416
Pia Zimmermannn
T:+43 664 120 3971