The tour to the Edmund Graf Hütte is perfect for a Bike & Hike combination. From the Tourism Association in Pettneu, it descends along the Zeinisbach for a short distance, before a longer ascent follows through the shady forest along the Malfonbach, which is easily mastered with an e-bike. The forest road then takes you past small streams, green meadows and grazing cattle before arriving fairly quickly at the first stage, the Malfon Alm. 

If you ride a bike up here, you can either leave it here at the alm, or further up at the valley station of the cargo cable car. From there, the forest road continues for a while before the path branches off to the left and on to the Edmund Graf Hütte.

The narrow, steep and winding path snakes up alpine terrain to the Edmund Graf Hütte. There’s a split in the path, but both tracks lead to the hut, with the southerly one a little shorter than the northerly. 

The hut is located in the eastern Verwall group and offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. It has a small and inviting pond, and the hut is an excellent place to refuel and refresh. The return is via the way you came up, but you can stay overnight in the hut and hike up to the Hoher Riffler or the Niederelbe Hütte the following day.

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6574 Pettneu am Arlberg




http://www.edmund-graf-hütte.at extern



24.06.2023 - 24.09.2023

2.375 m
Snack station:
90 Beds

Contact person(s):

Fabian Kolp und Carina
T:+43 660 8326 815