Friends of St. Anton

We ski, enjoy and respect.

Welcome Friends!

We hope you’ll have a marvelous time in our winter sports wonderland! You’re now all members of Friends of St. Anton - a community steeped in its love of sport and committed to respecting one another. As a friend, we have four requests for how we can share the good times together and make everyone’s winter dreams come true.

Many thanks!



For removing your ski boots after 8pm.


Enjoy the nightlife in style!


For not drinking and yelling on the street.


Live it up in our amazing bars and clubs.


For using our trash cans.


We all appreciate a clean St. Anton.


For taking off your skis in town.


They’re more fun on our 300 km of pistes anyway.


Winter sports are in your DNA?

Then we have

something in


St. Anton is the cradle of alpine skiing. And because we all love our region and community so much, it is important we treat each other with respect. Of course, each of our personal actions can actively contribute to this spirit.

Enjoy the snow, have fun, and thank you for being such great Friends of St. Anton!

Have a cool time!