St. Jakob's Church Day and Arlberg Jakobi Run

The Arlberg Jakobilauf (half marathon) is the second competition in the challenging triathlon -Der Arlberg Adler- and demands enormous motivation, self-discipline and physical fitness of the participants.

The Jakobi Run half marathon on July 27th is of great significance to participants of the “White Thrill” ski race. The 21.125 kilometre long run is the second discipline of the legendary „Arlberg Eagle“ mountain triathlon. The „Arlberger Jakobi Run“ leads from the centre of St. Anton through ever-changing landscapes to Nasserein, St. Jakob and Schnann. After crossing the Rosanna River, the route leads down the southern banks of the river and back in the direction of St. Anton, through the pedestrian zone and back to the original starting point. Runners have to contend with an altitude difference of 203 metres during the race.

The third and final discipline of this worldwide unique mountain triathlon is the „Arlberg Bike Marathon“ on August 24th, where contestants have to master a distance of 46.69 kilometres with a maximum incline of 26 per cent and 1,530 metres in altitude difference.

The award ceremony will take place at St. Jakober's Church Day (27th and 28th July 2019).
Runners and fans can end their day there with dance and good spirits.
St. Jakob's Church Day also provides an entertaiment program on Sunday: morning pint with the Musikkapelle St. Anton, concerts of the Musikkapelle Flirsch, Fließ, Roppen, St. Anton am Arlberg and more.

The Arlberg Eagle

The fact that the individual competitions are held on three different and well-spaced dates does not diminish the challenge one jot. Around 100 athletes bite the bullet annually and take part in the whole „Arlberg Adler“ contest.

The disciplines can, of course, be competed in independently from one another. The toned down version of the “Arlberg Eagle” will also be taking place again in 2019 - the so-called “Arlberg Marmot” – suitable for all those who prefer not to face the full challenge of the „Arlberg Adler“.