Tyrolean evening of the folklore group D'Arlberger

High spirited dance,  enormous talent and art of improvisation – wood chippings literally fly through the room during the „D’Arlberger“ Folklore Group show, scythes are sharpened and stilts used for dancing.

Over 20 performers bring the mountains to life on stage and have inspired international audiences from Austria to Japan and Canada to South Korea with their traditional Tyrolean dance and music. You could even call it the „Heavy Metal“ of folk music!

When scythes are sharpened to the rhythm of music, hammers banged and axes threshed through tree trunks, you are experiencing Tyrolean tradition to music, brought to the stage in brilliant form by the „D’ Arlberger“ Folklore Group. The performers sing and dance in their interpretation of the seasons of the year in farming, agricultural and forestry work – with the help of various instruments and sometimes even heavy machinery. Wood chippings literally fly through the room during the „Lumberjack“ dance and audiences can even expect a few splashes of milk during the „Kuhtutten-Yodeler“.

Song and dance, staged in exuberant and often spectacular fashion, a blend of professionalism and show is what makes the „Tyrolean Evening“ in St. Anton am Arlberg so very special - where no two performances are ever the same. And the performers manage to achieve this once a week, alongside their everyday jobs. They have performed in almost every country in Europe, as well as South Korea, Canada and Japan.


  • Performances every Tuesday at 9.00 pm until September 3rd, 2019*
  • Location: Arlbergsaal (next to the secondary modern school in St. Anton am Arlberg)
  • Entrance fee of € 17,- incl. a free drink (discount of 25% with premium summer card)
  • Tickets are available at the tourism association St. Anton am Arlberg (Tel. +43 5446 2269-0)
* Exceptions:
> Last performance on Monday, 16 September 2019