St. Anton am Arlberg joins European competition for the best quality of life

”Entente Florale“ - is Europe’s largest competition for quality of life, including towns and villages in bloom. The Arlberg resort is taking part for the first time this year, and the expert jury will arrive on 23rd June 2017 to make their appraisal.

The Competition

Entente Florale
”Entente Florale“ is held annually by the European Association for Flowers and Landscapes. This international non-profit association has set itself the goal of improving social and cultural development by fostering landscape development and horticulture. As part of this prestigious competition, an international panel of experts will assess a wide range of themes.
The evaluation is carried out in accordance with the following criteria:
  • Planning and Development
  • Natural Environment
  • Built Environment
  • Landscapes
  • Green Spaces
  • Permanent and seasonal planting
  • Environmental education
  • Effort and involvement
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Communication

Residents cooperation

A committee consisting of 15 members is responsible for the project in St. Anton. They are all bound by a common goal: to demonstrate St. Anton’s quality of life, diversity and ability to live in harmony with nature to the jury. Local residents are also called upon to collaborate.
Various highlights will be presented during the jury visit, such as Ferwall Power Station, the “Wunderwander” trail herbal gardens or the Japenese Garden, as well as public buildings such as the Volksschule (primary school) and local associations. Community life is a crucial factor for a village that is worth living in, and an integral part of the evaluation.

Unique opportunity

St. Anton am Arlberg has been presented with the opportunity to take part in this competition for the first time. Media coverage will enhance St. Anton am Arlberg’s reputation throughout Europe resulting, not least, in the promotion of summer tourism in the resort. Let’s introduce Europe to St. Anton am Arlberg’s high quality of life and regional beauty! 
Besides St. Anton, Schwaz is the only other competitor from Austria. Animated discussions have already taken place with this township in the Tyrolean lowlands. Those wishing to add their own thoughts or suggestions to the „Entente Florale“ project, are more than welcome to do so.
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