Environmental Education in St. Anton am Arlberg

Generating a level of pride in their village and education and engagement with sustainability issues is a priority for St. Anton am Arlberg. From elementary school onwards, the children of St. Anton gain a good understanding of how important the environment is, and what they can do to protect it.


Local Projects

The next generation is learning the value of the world’s resources and biodiversity through the local primary school’s food-growing space: In St. Jakob, the school has developed a community garden comprising vegetable beds together with SoViSta Association. The pupils are busily learning about the natural world and how to sow, plant, maintain and harvest the crops. They prepare meals together and eat together, enjoying the fruits of their labour while munching on freshly harvested potatoes with locally sourced butter and cheese. On annual outdoor classes, they join local hunters for deer feeding over the winter months and learn about native wildlife like roe deer, stags and chamois. Senn Hut offers classes on forestry and plant and herb identification and helps kids respect and connect with nature.

A Treasure Trove of Recreational & Sporting Assets

Complementing the varied school projects, St. Anton is a veritable treasure trove of recreational and sporting assets, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ice skating rink, football pitch and volleyball court, sledding run and indoor rock climbing gym. Many kids get involved in the various sporting organisations at an early age (ski club, football and tennis club, volleyball and climbing club, runners’ club and golf club).

Health enhancing physical activity programs like school ski and swim days and the “St. Anton Reads” project give the pupils an opportunity to become responsible citizens making a positive contribution to their communities.