Covid19 - Risk Management Winter Tourism

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Last updated: 19 October 2020

Dear guests,

the winter season in St. Anton am Arlberg will start on December 4th 2020. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the holiday region for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and relaxing winter hiking. Our main goal is to offer our guests the greatest possible safe holiday environment. In addition to branch-specific safety-related measures, St. Anton am Arlberg also serves as model region for the project "Covid-19 - Risk Management Winter Tourism" of the state of Tyrol, alongside Alpbach. Based on the results, a risk assessment and management model will be developed. This should help identify and avoid situations with an increased risk of Covid-19 infection as early as possible in the coming winter season.

We are pleased to inform you about the current measures, which will be regularly extended by the results of the above mentioned project. In addition, the governmental official requirements are also strictly adhered to.

With these steps we would like to make it possible for you to have a relaxing and above all safe holiday this winter in St. Anton am Arlberg. We look forward to continue delighting you in the future with the original charm of the region and the warmth of our hosts.

Personal responsibility as the most important aspect

The safety and health of our guests, as well as of our employees and residents, is a top priority in St. Anton am Arlberg. In accordance with the current regulations of the Federal Government, St. Anton am Arlberg has defined the first measures for the upcoming winter.
An extremely important aspect in reducing the risk of infection is a personal responsibility of every person who works, lives or spend a holiday in the region. We therefore urge everyone to respect and follow all measures and safety recommendations in force. In doing so, you are making an invaluable contribution for everyone’s safety.

The most important rules to follow:

1. keep at least 1 metre distance to strangers
2. wear mouth and nose protection.
3. wash hands several times a day.
4. refrain from shaking hands when greeting people.
5. sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
6. pay contactless if possible.

Further information on:

Opening weekend

The winter season will start on 4 December 2020. For the opening weekend -for safety reasons- we will refrain from the International Ski and Snowboard Test and especially from the opening concert with Andreas Bourani.

Opening weekend and events


The winter season will start beginning of December 2020. For the opening weekend we will refrain from the International Ski and Snowboard Test and especially from the opening concert with Andreas Bourani for safety reasons.

Likewise, we will also forgo the ski show "Schneetreiben" (due to the excessive number of visitors in the finish stadium area), the New Year's Concert and the concert of the Wilten Boys Choir this coming winter.

The Magic of Advent will be performed as "Silent Advent in the Park". Thanks to the festive lighting in the museum's park and during the walk to the nativity scene you'll find a lovely Christmassy atmosphere.

The events in spring are currently still on programme. Information on the planned events can be found here.

The Women's Alpine Ski World Cup on 9 and 10 January 2021 is to be held according to plan. Whether spectators will be allowed at the races will be determined by a decision of the International Ski Federation.

Arlberg Mountain Railways


There are currently clear rules for the operation of cable cars, lifts and for mountain restaurants, which are listed on:

and on:

> Current information from the ski resort for the winter season 20/21 [...]
> Current information from the mountain restaurants for the winter season 20/21 [...]

You can find out the rules that apply in each case on or as well as on the information pillars and signs.

Ski schools

Measures for the organisation of snow sports operations were developed by the Austrian Ski School Association. These contain detailed recommendations for action for ski schools, snow sports instructors, employees, practical snow sports instruction (general and children) as well as for the care of children in the indoor area of ski kindergartens.

The complete guidelines of the Austrian Ski School Association can be found on:

Après ski and night clubs

An increased risk of infection due to large gatherings of people in a party areas must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, after skiing as well as in the evening and night hours, crowds of people won’t be allowed in the usual way in this upcoming winter. In the meantime, there are clear guidelines from the Federal Government iin this regard, which serve the purpose of safety. For example, food and drinks may only be served both indoors and outdoors in seating areas where the minimum distance is observed.

Accommodation and gastronomy

All accommodation facilities, from small guesthouse to large hotels, have gained their first experience during the summer months. In winter, many regulations and safety measures will continue to apply and some intensified. For detailed information please contact your respective host.


Taking out comprehensive travel insurance is particularly recommended for the coming winter. One option is the “European Travel Insurance”, which currently covers Covid-19 diseases like any other unexpected serious illness. More information are available on:

Public transport


The ski bus service in the region has developed over the years and offers quick and easy access to the ski area. This winter the bus service is facing great challenges. In addition to hygiene measures and compulsory masks, other regulations will be introduced, especially in the areas around the bus stops and during transport. For example, we will reduce the maximum number of passengers in the ski buses. If necessary, we will also increase the frequency and number of ski buses in service.

This aim to assure a safe and efficient transport of our guests to and from the ski area. We kindly ask for your understanding should any delay may occur.

We are currently working intensively on a parking space management concept for cars and buses.

Wastewater monitoring

As part of a COVID-19 early warning system, the St. Anton am Arlberg region is installing and adapting a wastewater monitoring system.

Contact Tracing


The rapid tracing of an identified COVID19 disease is very important. The region of St. Anton am Arlberg ensures that registration can take place in compliance with data protection regulations.

In consultation with the Federal State of Tyrol, we have developed a concrete solution in this regard and it's currently being tested very successfully in live operation in St. Anton am Arlberg in various companies and in large public facilities such as the Arlberg WellCom swimming pool.

Should the authorities not make contact tracing mandatory in the winter season, we shall nevertheless aim to use this contact tracing tool throughout the holiday region of St. Anton am Arlberg, especially in the restaurants, mountain huts, bars, leisure facilities and retail being this the only way to ensure the highest level of safety for all people involved!

In this context we also refer to the "Stopp Corona-App" of the Austrian Federal Government and the Austrian Red Cross. We expressly recommend installing this app on your smartphone in order to enable contact tracing outside of companies.

Test programme for employees

In the summer months, the Federal Government launched the initiative "Safe Hospitality - Test Offer Tourism". This allows employees of commercial accommodation establishments, campsites and gastronomy to have themselves tested regularly on a voluntary basis.

As of 07.10.2020, 297,330 tests have already been carried out in 4,978 businesses throughout Austria. The region of St. Anton am Arlberg also actively participates in this initiative.
This testing programme will be extended to snow sports instructors from the beginning of the winter season. The involvement of employees from all sectors is being sought, although this depends on the decisions of the federal government.


Safe hospitality comes first, which is why the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce (Tourism and Leisure Industry Division) launched the SAFE SERVICE initiative. This enables our companies to make it visible that their employees are well trained in matters of legal regulations, necessary measures and the correct handling of these. Targeted further and advanced training ensures that the employees of Safe Hospitality are always up to date. Certification as a Safe Service company, however, only takes place after proof of the required knowledge. St. Anton am Arlberg tourist association is pleased to inform you that we are SAFE SERVICE certified.

C19 Service Desk

Due to the manifold challenges and the constantly changing framework conditions, some employees of the St. Anton am Arlberg Tourist Office devote themselves specifically to the topic concerning COVID19.
The C19 Service Desk becomes the information platform of our region and can be reached by emailing

Corona Safety Officer

The institutions and companies in the region are aware of their responsibility. Many employees have already been trained as Corona safety officers.

Recreation in nature

St. Anton am Arlberg is considered the heart of the largest connected ski area in Austria with 305 kilometres of downhill runs, 88 lifts and cable cars and 200 kilometres of freeride terrain. In addition, guests in the region will find more than 40 km of cross-country ski runs and over 80 km of winter hiking trails. With a few restrictions, nothing stands in the way of the holiday experience in this vast area. Especially in the coming winter, we need to relax in the fresh air and spend relaxing hours in the snow-covered landscape, surrounded by the unique mountain world. If we take care of each other and implement measures to protect our health, even a holiday during this unusual time will be an extraordinary experience.

The development of the guidelines is an ongoing process, which we will inform you about at this point on a regular basis. The other legal regulations of the Federal Government also play a decisive role in this process. We kindly ask for your understanding that we are not yet in the position to answer all questions conclusively.

We are sure that we’ll be able to offer you a wonderful and unforgettable holiday in the St. Anton am Arlberg region this year as always. We are looking forward to your visit!

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