Autumn Alpine Cattle Drive in Pettneu am Arlberg in September 2019

14 September 2019

The autumn return to the valley for the herdsman, milkers and cattle, the alpine cattle drive, marks the end on alpine pastures and takes place on the third Saturday in September. If the summer on the pastures passes without any accidents, on the day oft he alpine catte drive, decorative wreaths are placed on the heads of the cattle. The two cows that gave the most milk and those cattles that showed themeselves to be the leaders are „awarded“ with the titels of „Stafel“.

10.00 hrs:  Start alpine cattle drive
11.30 hrs:  Alpine cattle drive of sheeps
13.00 hrs:  Alpine cattle drive from Malfonalm
15.00 hrs:  Alpine cattle drive from Nessleralm

In Pettneu am Arlberg we celebrate this day with the alpine cattle drive and a farmers festival with musical entertainment in front of the Schwarzer Adler Pettneu. Food and beverages are provided!