5 Day Weather Forecast

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°C Night / Day10°C / 21°C9°C / 17°C7°C / 13°C4°C / 17°C5°C / 19°C
°F Night / Day50°F / 70°F48°F / 63°F45°F / 55°F39°F / 63°F41°F / 66°F
Rainfall risk
40% / 70%50% / 90%90% / 50%0% / 0%0% / 0%
Hours of sunshine52297
Below-zero border3500 m3300 m2700 m2700 m3100 m
For the moment, a low-pressure vortex, located over the Iberian Peninsula, will interfere with the weather over Central Europe. This low-pressure area will keep a certain distance to our regions, though it will bring muggy-unstably layered Mediterranean air masses from south-west. Further spells of foehn will approach, consequently the weather conditions will remain changeable on Sunday and the muggy unstably layered air masses will be pushed away southward, consequently the cooler and dryer air masses infiltrating from the North Sea will result in a significant stabilization.