A holiday in the Arlberg also always means: exploring new paths.

Finding time for the large and small wonders of mountain nature. Being prepared to try out something new. Exploring the countryside on a mountain bike, amidst the high mountains, close to forests and water – virtual bliss. Or following on foot the torrents which rise in the mountains. And discovering the mountain huts serving morning and afternoon snacks with gorgeous views of the mountain regions of the Lechtal and Verwall Alps. A holiday in St. Anton am Arlberg also always means: being able to breathe freely. And being able to indulge all your senses.


Hiking area

Hiking in the Arlberg: a marvelous experience. St. Anton am Arlberg is a real paradise for walkers. There is a network of paths through picturesque landscape making up a total distance of 300 ki...

Racing Bike in St. Anton am Arlberg

Race Biking

The birthplace of Alpine skiing… is inspirational even in summer!


Mountain Biking

Into the outdoors, from dawn till dusk. This is the unwritten motto for summer stays in St. Anton am Arlberg. Sports activities can be ideally combined with rest and relaxation at a healthy altitude. ...

Vallugabahn - St. Anton am Arlberg

Arlberger Mountain Railways

Continuos operating service on days with good weather. On bad weather days please note the there will be intervals of 30-minutes.   Up-to-date information are always displayed at the Mountain ...

Climbing in St. Anton am Arlberg

The vie ferrate around St. Anton am Arlberg are internationally renowned.

Nerves of steel, like the cable you hang on, plus courage, stamina, strength and skill, these are all needed by the climbing enthusiasts on the vie ferrate around St. Anton am Arlberg. The holiday reg...

Nordic Walking

More Activities

Participating in sport in harmony with nature and inhaling the fresh mountain air in each breath – it is not only inspiring, it is also healthy and invigorating. St. Anton am Arlberg provides a ...